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Language: English

Instructors: Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi


Why this course?


For centuries, both philosophers and scientists have been researching three important questions.

  • Why do we age?
  • Why do we fall sick?
  • Why do we die?

Kaya Kalpa Yoga offers a logical answer to the three questions.

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Be Blessed by the Divine,
Yogiraj Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi

Course Curriculum

KayaKalpa Yoga Theory
1. What is Kaya Kalpa Yoga?
2. Science of Kaya Kalpa Yoga
3. Bio-Magnetism
4. Life-Force
5. Role of Bio-Magnetism
6. Brain Cells
7. Pain Disease Death
8. Sexual Vital Fluid
9. Value of Sexual Vital Fluid
10. Sexual Urge
11. Health
12. Aging
13. Stock of Fluid
14. Potency
15. Beat Death
16. Transmuting Sexual Energy
17. Siddha Secret
18. General Instructions
19. Instructions For Women
20. Instructions For Men
21. Benefits of KayaKalpa Yoga
22. Value of KayaKalpa Yoga
23. Rule For Enjoyment
24. Conserve Your Happiness
25. The Biology Of Human Body and Kayakalpa Yoga

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